Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012!
Though there has been lots of predictions and rumors that the world is coming to an end in Year 2012, it does not bother me much. No matter what, life goes on. And I always believed that what is predicted usually would not happen.

To welcome this New Year, I gave myself a small little gift. A coin purse that I learn from Potato House. I just completed this coin purse. I added a small embelishment to it - a wooden Sue button. :)

Though it is not perfect, the shape is a bit slanted, the stitches are not very tidy and my quilting is not nice too, I still love it a lot as every stitch is filled with passion and love. Give me some time, there will room for improvement.

May Year 2012 would be a wonderful year for all of us. May it fill with joy, laughter, happiness and health!

Happy New Year!

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