Bobbin Charm

Saturday, March 31, 2012

ZC-001 Bobbin Charm
RM1.70 per piece

My Craft Tree First Giveaway Winner List

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Craft Tree First Giveaway had ended last week. Thanks for all the support from fellow craft lovers.

We are pleased to announce the winners for the Twelve (12) Free Giveaways prizes:
Giveaway Prize A - Dewi
 DK-011 Cactus
BT-096 Genie
AP-006 Blue Heart
Giveaway Prize B - Liw Ee Goh
DK-009 Zebra
BT-036 Easter Eggs
 BT-029 Starlet
PT-004 Yellow Flower
Giveaway Prize C - Lynnette Bonnyface
DK-012 Dog
BT-095 Citrus Square
 AP-005 Pink Heart
Giveaway Prize D - Cynthia Goh
DK-002 Black Cat
BT-102 Cameo

PT-003 Orange Flower
Giveaway Prize E - Soo Ling
DK-010 Owl
BT-108 Twinkle Stars
BT-128 Petite Duckling
Giveaway Prize F - Nida
DK-006 Shark
BT-129 Fellow Yellow
 BT-042 Petite Green
 PT-002 Pink Flower

 Giveaway Prize G - Emma
DK-003 Bee
BT-066A Lavender
BT-061 Baby Fun
Giveaway Prize H - Kim
BT-097 Fruit Basket
BT-094 Ocean Square
BT-062 Baby Basic
Giveaway Prize I - Norizah Hanida
BT-054 Baby Pallete
BT-072 Rainbow Ladybugs
BT-067A Assorted Mesh Flowers
 PT-001 Red Flower

Giveaway Prize J - Cheryl Chew
  BT-006 Timeless Stitching
BT-076 Jumbo Bright
 AP-005 Pink Heart

Giveaway Prize K - Siti Nurul
BT-084 Birthday
BT-065C Lakeside Flower

BT-081 Smiling Bouquet
Giveaway Prize L - Wanieyra

BT-016 Chick-A-Dee
 BT-067B Assorted Bright Flowers 
  BT-127 Mini Flowers 
Congratulations to the lucky winners. We will contact you via email shortly.

Country Kitchen Buttons

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

 BT-030 Country Kitchen
*restock and restyled*
 9 pieces
RM13.00 per pack

Bumble Bee Buttons

Saturday, March 17, 2012

BT-124 Bumble Bee
6 flat back buttons
RM10.00 per pack

My Craft Tree First Anniversary Giveaway has ended. Thanks to all craft lovers for your support!

Lollipop Buttons

Saturday, March 10, 2012

BT-122 Lollipop
5 shank back buttons
RM10.00 per pack

Tea Party Buttons

Sunday, March 4, 2012

BT-119 Tea Party
8 shank back & 2 flat back buttons
RM10.00 per pack

Giveaway will end soon..
My Craft Tree 1st Anniversary Giveaway - until 15th March 201

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