Parents' Day Sale

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Do visit us tomorrow, as we will be having a great sale to commemorate with the Parents' Day celebration for the months of May and June 2011.

Home Sweet Home Buttons

Friday, April 22, 2011

House without family, warmth and love is not a home. Home is the best place on earth. It's an ideal place for us to rest, and build the bond with our family members, relatives and even friends.

BT-049 Home Sweet Home Buttons
8 shank back buttons
Size: 28x22mm
RM13.00  RM10.00 per pack

Hearts Buttons

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love our Sweet Heart buttons? We have restocked the buttons and we are adding a few heart shape theme buttons to the collection as well. These buttons work well on needle craft as well as paper craft.

BT-001 Sweet Heart Buttons
4 pieces of 2-tone heart shape buttons
4 flat back buttons
Size: 14x15 mm 
RM4.50 per pack

BT-034 Heart on Fire (Red)
Size: 22 x 28mm - 18 x 25mm
6 flat back buttons
RM9.00 per pack

BT-033 Heart on Romance (Pink)
Size: 22 x 28mm - 18 x 25mm
6 flat back buttons
RM9.00 per pack

Heart Combo (BT-001, BT-033 & BT-034) is selling at RM22.00

Thank You

How do you say "Thank You" to those you have helped you? Well, besides saying "Thank You" aloud to them, you can actually shower them with a handmade with Love "Thank You" card.

This is how my mum gave it to her colleagues when she retired. On her last day of service, her beloved colleagues throw a farewell party for her. She felt so honored and decided to buy a "Thank You" card. My brother-in-law immediately thought of, to show your sincerity, why not give them a customized handmade card? 

I appreciate his creativity in putting the nurse's cap on the card as my mum is a nurse. 

This "Thank You" is selling at RM8.00. Quite an affordable price for a custom made card, isn't it?

A BIG Thank You to all my visitors and friends for paying My Craft Tree a visit.

Coffee & Coaster Buttons

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tired of tonnes of work load? Need a break now? Besides having a Kit-Kat while taking a break, you can also indulge in some coffee while enjoying your craft projects. Proudly presents to you these Coffee & Coaster buttons.

BT-048 Coffee & Coaster
3 pieces of coffee mug and 3 pieces of coaster
Coffee mugs are shank back buttons and coasters are flat back buttons
RM6.00 per pack

Easter Buttons

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Easter Day is coming soon! It's an occasion with lots of EASTER EGGS and BUNNIES!

We are bringing you some Easter Day theme buttons. Hopefully these Easter friends can make it in time to brighten up you this season!

BT-036 Easter Eggs
5 pieces of assorted shank back buttons
Size: 14x18mm
RM6.00 per pack

BT-037 Easter Bucket
  2 pieces of bunny, 3 pieces of hatched eggs, 5 pieces of mini Easter eggs
Size: 14x18mm
RM13.00 per pack

Easter Day Promotion:
If you buy the Easter Combo (BT-035 & BT-036)
FOC 1 Easter Basket as shown in picture above (BT-036)
Easter Combo is selling at RM18.00

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