Free Giveaways Worth RM 320 Up for Grabs!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Craft Tree will turn one year old this March 2012.

To commemorate this special day, we will be having free giveaways to fellow craft lovers for your support throughout the past one year. To show how much we appreciate your love and support towards My Craft Tree, we are giving out not One (1), 
but Twelve (12) Free Giveaways prizes.

Giveaway Prize A:

 DK-011 Cactus

BT-096 Genie

AP-006 Blue Heart

Giveaway Prize B:

DK-009 Zebra

BT-036 Easter Eggs

 BT-029 Starlet

PT-004 Yellow Flower

Giveaway Prize C:

DK-012 Dog

BT-095 Citrus Square

 AP-005 Pink Heart

Giveaway Prize D:

DK-002 Black Cat

BT-102 Cameo

PT-003 Orange Flower

Giveaway Prize E:

DK-010 Owl

BT-108 Twinkle Stars

BT-128 Petite Duckling

Giveaway Prize F:
DK-006 Shark

BT-129 Fellow Yellow

 BT-042 Petite Green

 PT-002 Pink Flower

 Giveaway Prize G:

DK-003 Bee

BT-066A Lavender

BT-061 Baby Fun

Giveaway Prize H:
BT-097 Fruit Basket

BT-094 Ocean Square

BT-062 Baby Basic

Giveaway Prize I:
BT-054 Baby Pallete

BT-072 Rainbow Ladybugs

BT-067A Assorted Mesh Flowers

 PT-001 Red Flower

Giveaway Prize J:

  BT-006 Timeless Stitching

BT-076 Jumbo Bright

 AP-005 Pink Heart

Giveaway Prize K:

BT-084 Birthday

BT-065C Lakeside Flower

BT-081 Smiling Bouquet

Giveaway Prize L:

BT-016 Chick-A-Dee

 BT-067B Assorted Bright Flowers 
  BT-127 Mini Flowers

That is not all yet. All lucky winners will earn yourself a special 10% discount voucher to be used with your future purchase from My Craft Tree. The discount voucher is valid for a period of one year from 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2013.

How to take home the giveaway prize?

It is very simple as no purchase is required.

What to do?
 If you have a blog, just write a post to share us. You can write on anything about us, or post a photo of anything you have made with supplies from My Craft Tree.

If you do not have a blog, but have a Facebook account, you can either share our photos with at least 10 of your Facebook friends by tagging them in the photos
(with the condition that it does not cause inconveniences to them resulting in spam tag);
or post a photo of anything you have made with supplies from My Craft Tree and tag us in the photo.

How do we know whether you have done so?
Do drop us an email at together with your blog address
or send a message to our Facebook account together with the link to the photos you tagged.

Other terms and conditions:
Each person will earn one entry by sharing us.
Closing date for submission: 15th March 2012
The lucky winners will be selected randomly via software.
We will notify all Giveaway Prize winners by 31st March via email/ Facebook message.
The postage for sending out the prize via Poslaju will be borne by the winners: Peninsular Malaysia, RM7, East Malaysia RM10. You may opt for the prize to be sent out with any purchase from My Craft Tree to save postage.
All prizes are to be redeemed by 30th June 2012.

Thank you for all your support and love!

Happy Dragon Year!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today is this second day of Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai to all of you! May the Year of Dragon brings you abundance of health, luck, wealth, love and happiness!

Has been so busy for the past one week prior to this festive season which explains why there is no posts up in My Craft Tree. Was busy helping mum to bake cookies, cleaning up my house, and working on a new handbag for myself.

Tala, here it is:-

My very first handbag and its mate - coin purse from Potato House :)

Though it is not perfect, but I still feel so satisfied and proud of it as this is my first handmade bag, all by myself.

Kids Buttons

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BT-117 Kids
6 shank back buttons
RM10.00 per pack

Twinkle Star Buttons

Thursday, January 5, 2012

BT-108 Twinkle Stars
35 flat back buttons
RM10.00 per pack

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