Thank You

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How do you say "Thank You" to those you have helped you? Well, besides saying "Thank You" aloud to them, you can actually shower them with a handmade with Love "Thank You" card.

This is how my mum gave it to her colleagues when she retired. On her last day of service, her beloved colleagues throw a farewell party for her. She felt so honored and decided to buy a "Thank You" card. My brother-in-law immediately thought of, to show your sincerity, why not give them a customized handmade card? 

I appreciate his creativity in putting the nurse's cap on the card as my mum is a nurse. 

This "Thank You" is selling at RM8.00. Quite an affordable price for a custom made card, isn't it?

A BIG Thank You to all my visitors and friends for paying My Craft Tree a visit.

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