Zoo DIY Kit

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Craft Tree is bringing you something new and funky during this school holiday season - Zoo DIY Kits.

These DIY Kits are easy to do, with brief instruction written in English and Mandarin.

What are included in the Zoo DIY Kit?
- Postcard with fabric attached
- Fiber filling + Lobster hook & strap
- Needle + Thread
- RM13.00 per kit

How to do?
- Peel off the fabric from the postcard to do the soft toy, and you can even send out the postcard to your friends.
- Cut the fabric and hand-sew them following to the instruction
- Attach the hanging strap and leave a space for you to fill in the fiber filling.
- Stuff in the fiber filling.
- Complete the finishing sew.
- Attach the Lobster hook & strap
- Done!

My Completed Giraffe!

Here are the friends in our DIY Zoo that you may choose from:-

*Out of Stock*
DK-001 Elephant
Difficulty: 2

DK-002 Black Cat
Difficulty: 5 

DK-003 Bee
Difficulty: 3

*Out of Stock* 
DK-004 Cow
Difficulty: 3 

*Out of Stock* 
DK-005 Black Bear
Difficulty: 2

   DK-006 Shark
Difficulty: 2

 DK-007 Shit

*Out of Stock*
DK-008 Giraffe

 DK-009 Zebra

 DK-010 Owl
Difficulty: 2

 DK-011 Cactus
Difficulty: 3

 DK-012 Dog
Difficulty: 3

*Out of Stock*
DK-013 Piglet
Difficulty: 3

Please take note that these DIY Kits are available in one set per design only, and we will not restock these kits. 
So, hurry while stocks last.

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