Designer Fabric by Moda

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Craft Tree has now added a new line to our products. Fabric!

This designer Fabric by Moda - Dilly Dally is very nice. It's ideal for making quilt, patchwork and even small piece of projects, like tissue cover, baby booties and so on. This Dilly Dally range has already been sold out in many online stores due to its popularity.

Here's a Dilly Dally Jelly Roll. It comes with different patterns and design.

Size: 44x2.5 inches

A glimpse of the actual materials:

You may choose any set that you like:
FB-001 Dilly Dally Jelly Roll
Set A - RM25.00 per set
Set B - RM25.00 per set
Set C - RM20.00 per set
Set D - RM25.00 per set
Set E - RM20.00 per set
Set F - RM20.00 per set
Set G - RM20.00 per set
Set H - RM20.00 per set
Set I - RM25.00 per set

You may visit the Moda - Dilly Dally Official site to find out more.

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