Beautiful Friends Buttons

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Have you ever watched beauty and the beast? Still remember the cute talking teapot and the candles? It's a dream come true when I first see this range of button.


BT-026 Teapot & Friends
4 shank back buttons
FOC 1 perfume miniature button
RM5.00 per pack

Every girl loves grooming. These buttons are great friends for every single girl. Be it in your shopping bag or any craft project.

BT-025 Girl Friends
6 shank back buttons
RM8.50 per pack

BT-024 Assorted Friends
2 hat buttons (1 shank back & 1 flat back)
2 flower buttons  (1 shank back & 1 flat back)
approximately 10 tiny assorted buttons *
RM8.50 per pack

*contents for assorted tiny buttons may vary from picture

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